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    Immunosuppression Immunity in the usual sense not only protects the body from viruses and bacteria, but also prevents the formation of tumor cells.

    This type of immunity is called antitumor immunity.

    The identification of these factors lasted more than a dozen years. Numerous studies have been carried out in many countries of calcitriol pills, in which statistical data have been transformed into certain patterns. For example, the most common basal cell carcinomachimes from miners who have contact with aggressive substances suspended in dust. Engineers, by virtue of their profession, are forced to regularly come into contact with various petroleum products. Firefighters expose their skin to frequent burns, which cannot but affect it.

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    Its intensity depends on the severity of general immunity. When it is excessively increased, the risk of developing autoimmune diseases increases, and when it is weakened, it increases the risk of benign and malignant tumors. The highest risk of developing basal cell carcinoma is in fair-skinned people with small amounts of calcitriol pigment melanin. Freckles and red hair also increase the risk of this disease. The combination of the above factors confirms the reality - the residents of Scotland and Northern Ireland, who have red hair and many freckles, have the greatest predisposition to basalioma. We are talking about predisposition, because in reality these countries do not have the highest rate of basal cell carcinoma.

    The frequency of this disease increases with an increase in the average annual amount of ultraviolet radiation. In other words, as we get closer to the equator, the average number of patients with this most common type of malignant skin tumor increases. However, it is necessary to make an amendment that these statistics are confirmed only in countries with a predominantly fair-skinned population. Black people almost never get skin cancer due to the high concentration of melanin in their skin. The Mongoloid race is also less prone to this disease, however, not to the same extent as the Negroid. The greatest risk rightfully belongs to the Caucasian race.

    Immunosuppression develops for many reasons, the most common of which are HIV/AIDS, immunosuppressive therapy, and cancer chemotherapy. Presumably, immunosuppression increases the likelihood of basal cell skin cancer, however, as well as other tumors, through a parallel decrease in the intensity of rocaltrol pills repair processes. As a result, after a certain time, cells with modified DNA appear, which can provoke tumor growth.

    Radiation radiation has a direct destructive effect on tissues. Strong radiation leads to burns, weak - to cell mutation. Long-term skin burns lead to an increase in the activity of connective tissue cells, which in some cases can lead to the development of basalioma. It is noteworthy that tumors that have developed as a result of rocaltrol 0.25 mg exposure or severe sunburn are multiple in nature and are each at its own stage of development. Large moles and scars have a certain potential for growth, despite the fact that the former are initially benign tumors, and the latter are connective tissue that fills the wound defect. With growth, a gradual change in the composition of these tissues may occur, accompanied by a loss of their functional properties and the acquisition of a pronounced tendency to division.

    The main pathogenetic link in the development of any tumor is a mutation in its genome and blocking the process called cell apoptosis. Apoptosis is a natural defense mechanism in which any cell of the body that ceases to perform its direct functions must destroy itself on its own. Cells lacking this mechanism lose their specificity and multiply freely, producing millions of daughter cells with a similar DNA error. As a result, an area of ‚Äč‚Äčaggressively growing tissue appears, which does not perform any function, but intensively consumes the resources of calcitriol, that is, a malignant tumor.


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    In the case of basalioma, its growth occurs infiltratively. In other words, the tumor grows into the surrounding tissues, destroying them along the way. It is for this reason that there is always an active zone of inflammation around the tumor, even if it is small.

    According to their appearance and clinical course, there are 4 main types of malignant skin tumors. Despite the fact that there are certain differences between them, there are some features that are characteristic of all types of basaliomas. The color of the tumor may be pearly white, pink, or even red, but it says little about the nature of rocaltrol and its activity. The color is determined solely by the degree of expansion of the superficial vessels of the skin and the density of telangiectasias (spider veins). However, it should be noted that in this case we are talking only about unchanged skin. In those places where ulceration of the surface of the tumor has occurred, the colors will change, and these changes will matter.

    Tumor growth is accompanied not only by an increase in its size, but also by a change in the contour of the boundaries. The more the contour of the tumor is changed, the more malignant it is, that is, the more pronounced cellular atypia. Despite the fact that basalioma is a slow-growing tumor, signs of inflammation caused by compression of surrounding tissues are almost always found along its periphery. On any form of tumors, pigment can appear. As a rule, it is randomly distributed over the surface of the tumor. Its appearance also says nothing, like the color of the tumor itself.

    The location of the tumor near vital organs,what are the eyes, nose, ears can lead to severe deformation of the cartilaginous skeleton. In addition, the tumor tends to spread into the skull through natural openings and cavities. This, in turn, threatens to involve the brain with membranes in the tumor process, which threatens with a fatal outcome.